Canary Speech: Customized and Non-Invasive Approach in Providing Healthcare Solutions

Henry O'Connell, CEO, Canary SpeechHenry O'Connell, CEO
Speech patterns, their complexity and vocabulary, play a pivotal role in determining behavioral nature of people. However, something truly interesting happens when one applies the use of speech and language to the diagnosis of health conditions. The patterns become more relevant and imperative, crucial to the understanding of underlying biomarkers that can measure a person’s state of well being. Alas, the availability—or lack thereof—of patient data pertaining to specific diseases, presents a challenge to such revelations. This in turn, makes it difficult to find the right clinical partners who can verify the available information and validate the models based on that data. Canary Speech with its guided ML and AI, has redefined the potential of speech and language to select biomarkers that can be used to perform analysis of specific diseases. The company is going beyond historical methods of performing word-based analysis, with its own unique approach. By being specific and sensitive analysis of speech patterns, Canary Speech can track the diseases’ progress and map the efficacy of the therapeutics used. As Henry O’Connell, the CEO of Canary Speech rightly puts it, “It is critical to be able to apply technology in areas for both clinical treatment and new drug discovery. We want to be able to tell how affective therapeutics is in the treatment of any disease. What we did at Canary Speech was to pursue a more detailed understanding what was being communicated in non-word elements.
Our novel approach towards speech and language has been awarded with issued U.S patents and international approvals.”

Canary Speech deploys its solutions via three technologies. The first being the Canary Engine which helps to identify the specific diseases. It also acts as the portal to receive and process data and match it with the existing biomarkers to understand the specific predicament of the users. The company’s other focus is on collecting adequate data pertaining to different diseases, which enables it to create mathematical models or algorithms that are used to recognize the diseases and its impact on patients’ lifestyle and their cognitive functions. These models are integrated easily into a smart application that can be accessed via controlled passwords, across a wide range of devices. Once a user has entered this interface, they go through a series of questions and from their answers, the application helps evaluate the audio, while considering the specific disease in question. After this analysis, a score is provided that informs them of the severity of the disease.

Canary Speech also provides a software platform that enables them to participate in pharmaceutical and clinical studies. The platform allows clinicians to capture and engage data in a seamless manner, following the terms of HIPAA compliance. It can further be used to build tool sets, based on coordinated research on language and speech. But what makes Canary Speech ever more unique is its specific and sensitive approach to analysing data both from the clinical environment as well from home. This easy accessibility from any location provides visibility into real-time data and enables a more accurate evaluation. Its offerings also include quality control and quality assurance tools that allow users to carry out personal evaluations on a regular basis. The information provided by the clients is transferred to the appropriate clinic staff before the patients arrive for consultation. The platform is non-invasive as well, allowing users to provide information across the most convenient means of communication. The offering being completely digitized makes it even more efficacious and hassle-free. Canary Speech has been awarded patents for its methodology, approach and technology. Combine that with a wide range of applications targeting depression, stress, anxiety, tiredness, concussion, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others, Canary Speech is successfully bridging the gap between technology and healthcare and providing faster means of evaluating patient details via audio and determining the correct treatment for them. The time saved to analyse a person’s condition through its novel platform has truly made its solution affordable and aims to expand into improving clinical trials and new drug discoveries.