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Top 15 NLP Startups - 2019

Apart from cognitive technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) in all of its manifestations is one of the most visible forms of artificial intelligence that exists. NLP has been influential since its inception in facilitating text analytics and the demand for this technology only seems to be growing with every passing day. The entire NLP suite of technologies is also making an impact in progressive speech to text and semantic search use cases as well. Combining the features of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, NLP is attempting to bridge the gap between computers and humans by enabling computers to seamlessly recognize and analyze the input speech and process what it means.

NLP is being used to empower computers to manipulate human language to generate text, extract meaning and make interactions with ease through voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. The technology is making great strides in changing the way business enterprises function in the current era.  Applications are being built leveraging the advantages that NLP offers through speech recognition by converting spoken language to text, answering questions through intelligent chatbots and sentiment analysis. NLP solutions are also the key performance drivers for business organizations as they understand and deploy the art of placing revenue-selling ads on social media and e-commerce with custom market intelligence solutions. Business, e-commerce, travel and automotive industries greatly benefit from the semantic machines that offer solutions in the NLP, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, deep learning, machine learning and the linguistic domains.

NLP has found its way into chatbots, translation applications and social media monitoring tools that scan Facebook and Twitter. The plethora of natural language technologies available will continue to mold the communication capacity of cognitive computing through the applications of deep learning and machine learning.  Data science methods are being developed toward mapping and analyzing social systems to enable new forms of human networks based on NLP, network science and machine learning.

Business Intelligence is another sector that will see the entry of NLP to monitor customer sentiments through social data. With improvements in speech recognition technology using NLP, audio-video sources will offer immense data analysis expanding the scope of BI into all aspects of business. The exponential growth of social and mobile data is catapulting businesses to utilize smart search engines with NLP to understand customer attitudes, preferences and even moods to assess and evaluate the market that they are reaching out to.

As NLP matures across the various industries, it is expected to break down the obstacles to analytics adoption across organizations and further embed into the core of workplace culture and normal human activities. In this scenario, it is imperative for CIOs to find a promising NLP startup that fits in with their intelligence requirements. A distinguished panel of CIOs, CEOs, analysts and StartupCity magazine’s diligent editorial team has put together a list of the prominent startups in the NLP domain.

We present to you, “15 Most Promising NLP Startups-2019.”

    Top NLP Startups

  • 42Chat applies their deep business experience across many different industries to quickly understand key business challenges and identify where messaging can improve outcomes and lower costs. The company deploys their technology to open a messaging channel, monitor the conversations, and then automate where technology can deliver the greatest benefit and a measurable return. Finally, Sciensio leverages this experience to go deeper to fulfill more customer needs, gain actionable customer insights, and delivers messaging capabilities across the organization. Sciensio builds AI chatbots on their complete conversation platform that helps organizations build quality relationships with their customers


  • At its core, Canary Speech is a speech and language company that specializes in the area of identifying disease and human condition through speech. We use a variety of Machine Learning technologies to solve problems at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Canary Speech is focusing on opportunities of critical importance. We have successfully completed FDA clinical trials and IRB studies, while providing HIPAA compliant tools, in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and depression related to suicide prevention and the treatment of PTSD


  • SFL Scientific provides data science services and expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to our clients, augmenting their teams or providing custom development and solutions for challenging and R&D type problems. The firm uses specific domain knowledge to solve complex and novel business problems with data-driven systems. The industry agnostic firm employs a holistic approach by combining the latest technological advances with real-world expertise and adds a dash of innovation to solve a wide range of enterprise-scale data-intensive challenges. By employing a holistic approach to our services, SFL Scientific combines the latest technical advances, real-world expertise, innovation, and an understanding of core business requirements to generate tangible and operational value


  • 4G Clinical

    4G Clinical

    4G Clinical is a cutting-edge Randomization and Trial Supply Management company leading in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) for the global life sciences industry, offering fully cloud-based, 100% configurable and flexible solution utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supply forecasting. The company is striving to fulfill its mission of bringing crucial medicines to those who need them, in a timely manner. It is headquartered in the Boston Biotech corridor of Wellesley, MA, with offices in Europe and Asia

  • Gamalon


    Gamalon is a Cambridge based machine intelligence startup company. It's natural language processing application helps with understanding the client’s customer base by reading and analyzing language to guide impactful actions. The unique technology developed by this company, named Bayesian program synthesis, learns faster and more accurately from less labeled training data and facilitates the understanding process. Funded by one of DARPA’s largest investments in next-generation machine learning, this platform reads the text of your customer's messages, interprets and summarizes it, and makes predictions so that you can create the best customer experience

  • GreenKey


    GreenKey Technologies is a technology company aided by IPC Systems that offers an encrypted global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network for firms involved in the financial markets. basically, the firm's technology takes voice calls and converts them into digital, searchable text and data. GK is a leading innovator of technologies such as structuring and automating disparate audio and text data. It provides an AI-driven voice interface that combines financial market telephony, cloud technology, and machine learning into an innovative system. Its patented cloud-based “software turret” replicates the functionality of legacy hardware turrets in a single software program. The firm has offices in London and Singapore as well

  • Knowi


    Knowi is an Oakland based business intelligence platform that unifies analytics across structured, unstructured and structured data. It is an enterprise-ready Business Intelligence platform for modern data stacks with a vision to dramatically shortening the distance from raw data to insights to actions. Knowi is an augmented analytics platform that instantly connects to any data, anywhere, and exposes previously unseen insights through AI to accelerate your business success. It combines AI & NLP to create the intelligence required for anyone to make data-driven decisions

  • Kyndi


    Kyndi is an artificial intelligence company that’s building the first Explainable AI product and Intelligent Process Automation software for government, pharmaceutical, and financial services organizations. The inability of the critical and regulated organizations to use “black box” machine learning when they are required to explain the reason for any decision is there behind the increased demand for their products. Kyndi is transforming business processes by offering auditable AI systems, using its mission to optimize human cognitive performance. Kyndi’s products and solutions also help to mitigate the human bias that can arise in the process of extracting knowledge and answers from data

  • Passage AI

    Passage AI

    Passage AI is a venture-backed organization based in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company was founded in 2016 by three Silicon Valley veterans with an extensive background in deep learning and artificial intelligence. Passage AI's platform provides the AI, NLU/P, and deep learning technology as well as the bot building tools to create and deploy a conversational interface for the customers’ businesses. Passage AI stimulates businesses to harness the power of AI-enabled conversational interfaces to bring bottom-line benefits, to better utilize service agents saddled by mundane tasks, and to deliver exceptional customer experience. The company also won TiE50 award in 2018

  • Pat Inc

    Pat Inc

    Pat Inc is the leading service provider for all A.I. text- and voice-based applications in the market. The Company extends language understanding applications, word matching, tracking, and counting solutions. Pat conducts its business in the United States. Focused on its bold vision to humanize conversation with machines, Pat made the biggest breakthrough in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) by integrating the RRG (Role and Reference Grammar) Model with a highly scalable, patented neural network. Parsing straight-to-meaning results in the accurate intent in human language. In 2016, the company launched an API in private beta that adds meaning to A.I. products in multiple languages. This Palo Alto-based company was founded in 2015 and known as a scientific breakthrough in natural language understanding (NLU) for conversational AI

  • PetMedix


    PetMedix Ltd operates as a pharmaceutical company. The Company develops and produces therapeutic antibodies for animals to cure cancer, allergy, arthritis, and other diseases. It serves pet owners in the United Kingdom. PetMedix is using the highest quality science to make the medicines the pets need and deserve, keeping them healthier, happier, and for longer. Building on more than thirty years of world-leading innovation and human therapeutic drug development, the company applies the cutting edge of science to bring breakthroughs for the animals.PetMedix is taking the experience of its founding team, and decades of human clinical research, to build platforms that can develop fully species-specific naturally-generated therapeutic antibodies. The company utilizes tried and tested antibody technology to develop treatments for diseases in companion animals mainly dogs and cats

  • Pindrop


    Pindrop Security is an American information security company that provides risk scoring for phone calls to detect fraud and authenticate callers. Pindrop Security technology analyzes 147 different features of a phone call that helps identify the uniqueness of a device and attaches it to a caller. The company is leading the way to the future of voice by providing complete identity, security, and authentication for every voice interaction. Pindrop solutions protect some of the biggest banks, insurers, and retailers in the world using a patented technology that extracts an unrivaled amount of intelligence from every call encountered.The company also help detect fraudsters and authenticate callers, reducing fraud and operational costs, while improving customer experience and protecting brand reputation. It was founded in 2011 by Dr. Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Dr. Paul Judge and Dr. Mustaque Ahamad

  • SnatchBot


    SnatchBot is an Israel-based privately-funded company. It was founded in January of 2015 with the goal of expanding the accessibility of chatbots and making bot-building easy and free for anyone in any application. Based in the heart of the start-up nation, Herzliya Pituach, SnatchBot provides free access around the world to sophisticated, natural-language conversational bots (chatbots) with highly engaging user experiences and lifelike conversational interactions across all communication channels. The company eliminates complexity and helps the customers to build the best possible messaging experience for your customers. It also provides administrative features and enterprise-grade security to comply with regulatory mandates

  • Veritone


    Veritone is a leading market vendor of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and solutions. The company’s proprietary operating system, aiWARE, blends an expanding ecosystem of machine learning models to transform audio, video, and other data sources into actionable intelligence. aiWARE, which has been created with an aim to empower the clients to do more with the power of AI, can be deployed in a number of environments and configurations according to meet their requirements. Its open architecture enables customers in the media and entertainment, legal and compliance, and government sectors to easily deploy applications that leverage the power of AI to dramatically improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. The company is headquartered in Costa Mesa

  • Voziq


    VOZIQ is a Virginia based company that helps businesses leverage contact center customer interactions as a strategic data source for actionable intelligence about customer sentiment, intent, and effort. These insights help contact centers address customer experience issues, predict and prevent customer churn, and significantly improve contact center efficiency.VOZIQ’s Text Analytics Solutions for Contact Centers leverage its cloud-based text analytics platform to capture customer interactions from agent notes and surveys, integrate them with customer data from CRM and billing systems, and deliver unified analytics about customer sentiments, issue types, and root causes. Many reputed companies are working with VOZIQ to achieve specific business objectives like improving customer experience, reducing the cost to serve, increasing sales & marketing effectiveness